150 Ways To Say I Love You in Different Languages

150 Ways To Say I Love You in Different Languages

It’s finally here! I Love You in more than 150 languages.

If you’re struggling to find new ways to say “I love you keep reading. One of the unique ways to express your love is by saying or writing it in different languages.  Everyone can say it in their language, but not many can say it in over a 150 different languages! To help you in that we have compiled a list which is all about to say I love you in different languages.

I Love You is not just a sentence with three words but It’s an emotion which contains thousands of feelings. I Love You have the power to make bonds stronger than ever.

Why to say I love you in a different language?

I love you is how we say to someone, “You’re a part of me, don’t ever go.” Everyone loves to hear these three magical words. But nobody wants these most beautiful words in the world to have a sort of ordinary feel to them.

Try texting the person you love every day for 150 days in a new language for a fun twist to expressing how you feel.

Here are more than 100 different ways to say I love you in a different language.

Speak the language of love.⇓⇓⇓⇓

‘I Love You’ in the Afrikaans Language

Ek het jou life

'I Love You' in the Afrikaans Language

‘I Love You’ in the Albanian Language

Te dua

‘I Love You’ in the Aleut Language

Txin Yaktakuq

‘I Love You’ in the Amharic Language


‘I Love You’ in the Arabic Language

Male: Ana behibak

Female: Ana behibek

‘I Love You’ in the Armenian Language

Yes k’yez sirum yem

‘I Love You’ in the Aromanian Language

Ti voi

‘I Love You’ in the Avallaen Language

vüväloiek dü quuo

‘I Love You’ in the Azerbaijanian Language

Men seni severam

‘I Love You’ in the Bambara Language

M’bi fe

‘I Love You’ in the Bengali Language

Ami tomake bhalobashi

‘I Love You’ in the Basque Language

Maite zaitut

‘I Love You’ in the Belarusian Language

Ya tabe kahayu

‘I Love You’ in the Berber Language

Lakh tirikh

‘I Love You’ in the Bicol Language

Namumutan ta ka

‘I Love You’ in the Bisaya Language

Nahigugma ko nimo

‘I Love You’ in the Bosnian Language

volim te; ja te volim

‘I Love You’ in the Breton Language

Karout a ran ac’hanout / Da garout a ran / Me az kar

‘I Love You’ in the Bulgarian Language

Obicham te

‘I Love You’ in the Burmese Language

Nga nint ko chit dae/ Nga nint go chit tel

‘I Love You’ in the Cambodian Language

Male: Oun Srorlagn Bung

Female: Bung Srorlagn Oun

‘I Love You’ in the Cantonese Language

Ngo oi ney

‘I Love You’ in the Catalan Language


‘I Love You’ in the Cebuano Language

Gi Gugma Kita

‘I Love You’ in the Chamorro Language

Hu Guiya Hao

‘I Love You’ in the Cherokee Language

Tsi ge yu i

‘I Love You’ in the Cheyenne Language

Ne mohotatse

‘I Love You’ in the Chichewa Language


‘I Love You’ in the ChiBemba Language


‘I Love You’ in the Cree Language


‘I Love You’ in the  Creole Language

Mi aime jou

‘I Love You’ in the   Croatian Language

Volim te

‘I Love You’ in the Corsican Language

Ti tengu caru

‘I Love You’ in the Chinese Language

Ngo oiy ney a

‘I Love You’ in the Czech Language

Miluji te

‘I Love You’ in the Danish Language

Jeg Elsker Dig

‘I Love You’ in the Dhivehi Language

Aharen Kalaa Dhekeh Loabivey

‘I Love You’ in the Dutch Language

Ik hou van jou

‘I Love You’ in the Efik Language

Mmema fi

‘I Love You’ in the Elvish Language

Amin mela lle

‘I Love You’ in the Esperanto Language

Mi amas vin

‘I Love You’ in the  Estonian Language

Ma armastan sind

‘I Love You’ in the  Ethiopian Language


‘I Love You’ in the  Farsi  Language

Doset daram

‘I Love You’ in the  Faroese Language

Eg elski teg

‘I Love You’ in the Fijian Language

Au domoni iko / Au lomani iko

‘I Love You’ in the Filipino Language

Mahal kita

‘I Love You’ in the Finnish Language

Mina rakastan sinua

‘I Love You’ in the Flemish Language

ik zie je graag/ ik hou van je

‘I Love You’ in the French Language

Je t’aime

‘I Love You’ in the Frisian Language

Ik bin fereale op dy/ Ik hâld fan dy

‘I Love You’ in the Friulian Language

Ti vuei ben

‘I Love You’ in the Galician Language


‘I Love You’ in the Gaelic Language

Ta gra agam ort

‘I Love You’ in the Georgian Language


‘I Love You’ in the German Language

Ich liebe dich

‘I Love You’ in the Greek Language


‘I Love You’ in the Greenlandic Language


‘I Love You’ in the Guarani Language


‘I Love You’ in the Haitian Creole Language

Mwen renmen w

‘I Love You’ in the Haoussa Language

Ina sonki

‘I Love You’ in the Hawaiian Language

Aloha wau ia ‘oe

‘I Love You’ in the Hebrew Language

Male: ani ohev otach

Female: ani ohevet otcha

‘I Love You’ in the Hindi Language

Male: Main Tumhe Pyar Karta h

Female: Main Tumhe Pyar Karti hu

‘I Love You’ in the Hiligaynon Language

Palangga ko ikaw

‘I Love You’ in the Hmong  Language

Kuv hlub koj

‘I Love You’ in the Hopi Language

Nu’ umi unangwa’ta

‘I Love You’ in the Hungarian Language


‘I Love You’ in the Icelandic Language

Eg elska tig

‘I Love You’ in the Ilonggo Language

Palangga ko ikaw

‘I Love You’ in the Indonesian Language

Aku cinta kamu

‘I Love You’ in the Inuit Language


‘I Love You’ in the Irish Language

Taim i’ ngra leat

‘I Love You’ in the Italian Language

Ti amo

‘I Love You’ in the Japanese Language


‘I Love You’ in the Javanese Language

kulo tresno panjenengan

‘I Love You’ in the Kannada Language

Naanu ninna preetisuttene

‘I Love You’ in the Kapampangan Language

Kaluguran daka

‘I Love You’ in the Kiswahili Language


‘I Love You’ in the Konkani Language

Tu magel moga cho

‘I Love You’ in the Korean Language

Sarang hae

‘I Love You’ in the Kurdish Language

Ji te hez dikîm

‘I Love You’ in the Latin Language

Te amo

‘I Love You’ in the Latvian Language

Es tevi miilu

‘I Love You’ in the Lebanese Language


‘I Love You’ in the Lithuanian Language

Tave myliu

‘I Love You’ in the Low Saxon Language

Ik hou van di

‘I Love You’ in the Luxembourgeois Language

Ech hun dech gaer

‘I Love You’ in the Mandarin Language

Wo ai ni

‘I Love You’ in the Mongolian Language

Bi chamd khairtai

‘I Love You’ in the Macedonian Language

Te Sakam

‘I Love You’ in the Malay Language

Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu

‘I Love You’ in the Malayalam Language

Njan Ninne Premikunnu

‘I Love You’ in the Maltese Language


‘I Love You’ in the Marathi Language

Me tula prem karto

‘I Love You’ in the Mohawk Language


‘I Love You’ in the Moroccan Language

Ana moajaba bik

‘I Love You’ in the Nahuatl Language

Ni mits neki

‘I Love You’ in the Navaho Language

Ayor anosh’ni

‘I Love You’ in the Ndebele Language


‘I Love You’ in the Nepali Language

Ma Timilai Maya Garchhu

‘I Love You’ in the Palauan Language

A Kultoir er Kau

‘I Love You’ in the Pandacan Language

Syota na kita

‘I Love You’ in the Pangasinan Language

Inaru Taka

‘I Love You’ in the Papiamento Language

Mi ta stimabo

‘I Love You’ in the Persian Language

Doo set daaram

‘I Love You’ in the Polish Language

Kocham Ciebie

‘I Love You’ in the Portuguese Language

Eu te amo

‘I Love You’ in the Punjabi Language

Male: Main Tenu Pyar Krda ha

Female: Main Tenu Pyar Krdi ha

‘I Love You’ in the Romanian Language

Te iubesc

‘I Love You’ in the Russian Language

Ya lyublyu tebya

‘I Love You’ in the Samoan Language

Ou te alofa ia te oe

‘I Love You’ in the Serbo-Croatian Language

Volim te

‘I Love You’ in the Sesotho Language

Ke a o rata

‘I Love You’ in the Setswana Language

Ke a go rata

‘I Love You’ in the Scot Gaelic Language

Tha gra\dh agam ort

‘I Love You’ in the Serbian Language

Volim te

‘I Love You’ in the Setswana Language

Ke a go rata

‘I Love You’ in the Sindhi Language

Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan

‘I Love You’ in the  Sioux Language


‘I Love You’ in the Slovak Language

Lubim ta

‘I Love You’ in the Slovenian Language

Ljubim te

‘I Love You’ in the Spanish Language

Te quiero / Te amo

‘I Love You’ in the Swahili Language

Ninapenda wewe

‘I Love You’ in the Swedish Language

Jag alskar dig

‘I Love You’ in the Swiss-German Language

Ich lieb Di

‘I Love You’ in the  Surinam Language

Mi lobi joe

‘I Love You’ in the Tagalog Language

Mahal kita

‘I Love You’ in the Tahitian Language

Ua Here Vau Ia Oe

‘I Love You’ in the Taiwanese Language

Wa ga ei li

‘I Love You’ in the Tamil Language

Nan unnai kathalikaraen

‘I Love You’ in the Tatar Language

Min sini yaratam

‘I Love You’ in the Telugu Language

Nenu ninnu premistunnanu

‘I Love You’ in the Tetum Language

Hau hadomi O

‘I Love You’ in the Thai Language

Male: Pŏm rák kun

Female: Chăn rák kun

‘I Love You’ in the Timorese Language

Hau hadomi

‘I Love You’ in the Tongan Language

u ou ‘ofa ‘ia koe

‘I Love You’ in the Tswana Language

Ke a go rata

‘I Love You’ in the Tunisian Language

Ha eh bak

‘I Love You’ in the Turkish Language

Seni seviyorum

‘I Love You’ in the Ukrainian Language

Ta tebe kahayu

‘I Love You’ in the Urdu Language

hum aap say pyaar karte hain

‘I Love You’ in the Uzbek Language

Men seni sevaman

‘I Love You’ in the Vietnamese Language

Toi yeu ban

‘I Love You’ in the Walloon Language

Dji t’veû vol’tî

‘I Love You’ in the Welsh Language

Dw i’n dy garu di

‘I Love You’ in the Xhosa Language

Ndiya kuthanda

‘I Love You’ in the Xitsonga Language

Ndza ku rhandza

‘I Love You’ in the Yiddish Language

Ikh hob dikh

‘I Love You’ in the Yoruba Language

Mo ni fe

‘I Love You’ in the Zazi Language

Ezhele hezdege

‘I Love You’ in the Zulu Language


‘I Love You’ in the Zuni Language

Tom ho’ ichema

(Note: Translations can vary by region, and there may be many ways to say “I love you” in any given language. This is merely a starter kit!)

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